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Barry Sherry

Barry is the Prince William Soccer Referee Association / Prince William Soccer, Inc., Director of Referees. Before he became a referee, he spent many years coaching his daughter, Ashley, and son, Andrew. While he regrets that he did not start refereeing earlier in life, he does not regret nor would trade the years of coaching and being with his kids. Andrew certified as a Grade 8 referee when he was 12 and refereed until he was 18 years old.

Barry became a Grade 7 referee in 2001 and bounced between grades for the next ten years while refereeing club and high school soccer. Five lower-body surgeries in eight years tend to do that. In addition to being Director of Referees, he is also PWSI’s Referee Assignor and a USSF Referee Instructor.

In addition to refereeing, Barry is an avid cyclist. He bikes to most of his assignments, whether refereeing or observing. He has competed in bike races up the Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire (2007-2014); has climbed Mt. Evans, Colorado (twice), and rode from Pittsburgh to D.C. Among his most memorable rides were weeks in France riding in the Pyrenees and Alps during the Tour de France, riding in the Dolomites in Italy, and a sloo ride across the Swiss Alps in 2017.

More that cycling, he embraces his biggest role in life -- that as a cancer survivor and fighter.

In addition to Ashley, and Andrew, Barry and his wife, Cheri, also have a daughter, Bethany, and four grandchildren: Andrew, Aiden, Annabelle, and Sonora. The grandchildren live near Purcellville, Virginia, a favorite four-hour bike ride destination for Barry.

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Barry (center) with FIFA Referee, Mohammed Ibrahim (Egypt) as his AR.
California Spring Cup, Anaheim CA  March 2007


Barry (right) with FIFA Referee, Kari Seitz (U.S.). October, 2013.

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