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The purpose of PWSRA is to organize, train, and educate soccer referees.
In addition to refereeing with PWSI, a large number of our referees also officiate in competitive travel leagues in the state and have been called on to referee in the prestigious State Cup and regional competitions. Our referees also officiate in a local tournaments organized by other clubs and leagues.
About 70% of our referees are youth referees which roughly tracks state and national numbers. Like the state, most of our members are Grades 8 and 9, but we do have senior referees including two National Emeritus referees including one who officiated in Major League Soccer plus a National Assessor .

The PWSRA was founded in the 1980s. We cannot find an exact date. Annually the members elect on the Director of Referees, formerly named the Head Referee. Past referees who have held this position are Tony Bianchini, Ray Brown, Al Van Landuyt, Roger Anzzolin, and Harry Burket.

We welcome additional history from referees who were around in the early 1990s including names of other Head Referees. The current Director of Referees is Barry Sherry.

Stephanie, ODP Friendlies, Williamsburg, Va., Feb 2008

Uniform Donation Program

We offer a uniform donation program. At every meeting we have donated items that we provide to new refs for free. Flags, shorts, socks, jerseys --- we have them and need them. To receive items simply attend one of our meetings.


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