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August 27, 2007

August 27, 2007
McCoart Bldg Board Chambers

70 Refs in Attendance

Meeting Business: Barry Sherry spoke about the assessment the members voted on in March of $5 for youth and $10 for adults. When preparing spring paychecks he felt that a cap of 10% should be in effect since a couple refs only worked one game and would have seen most of their monies go to assessment fees. He made a decision not to charge the full amount but to cap it at 10%. He was then willing to go after the amount not collected if the members disagreed.

Brian Howard made a motion to cap the assessment fees at no more than 10% of the referee’s earnings. Klaus Staefe seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

End of Business Meeting


Welcome by PWSI President, Joe Re.
PWSI Modified Rules, Robert McCauley
PRIDE Academy Report: Stephanie Myrick

PWSRA Modified Rules Presentation.ppt

Fall Referee Meeting 2007.ppt

Attendance List

Adams, Bill
Adams, Nicholas
Alexander, Luke
Alexander, Parker
Alexander, Sam
Andre, John
Bean, Trent
Behre, Samson
Berran, Keller
Bilgihan, Esref
Briggs, Wayne
Burket, Harry
Campos, Oscar
Carroll, Daniel
Casey, Will
Chapman, Nicole
Cole, Brianna
Coolbaugh, Adam
Cox, Marty
Creamens, Nick
De la cruz, Jonathan
Delawter Reuter, Taylor
Ellis, Acacia
Green, John
Griffin, Jim
Guerra, Tyler
Hammerstein, Matt
Hannesdottir, Brynja
Hoge, Patrick
Howard, Brian
Jones, Andrew
Jones, Michael
Jones, Sarah
Lasrado, Jacob
Leduc, Joshua
Lord, David
Mahdi, Rashid
McCauley, Robert
McCauley, Timothy
Meyers, Claire
Mitchell, Jonathan
Moreno, Perri
Myrick, Stephanie
O’Conner, Debbie
Okeowo, Bupe
Palermo-Re, Alex
Palermo-Re, Chris
Re, Joe
Ruf, Angela
Russell, Dylan
Sabbagh, Julian
Sabbagh, Shadi
Sclater, Lauren
Sherry, Barry
Short, Matthew
Smith, Alex
Smith, Michael (Shane)
Sozio, Matt
Staefe, Klaus
Thomas, Caitlin
Thomas, Kirby
Thomas, Randal
Thomas, Ric
Thomas, Sarah
Tkac, Kristina
Tkac, Nikki
Vann, Seth
Vigliano, Brendan
Vigliano, Cameron
Ware, Ben

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