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October 11, 2007

October 11, 2007
McCoart Bldg Occoquan Room
Youth Referee Meeting

27 Youth Refs in Attendance with three PWSRA Board Members

Meeting Business: None conducted since this was not a full membership meeting

Barry Sherry spoke about the WAGS Tournament. John Andre led a discussion on information referees need to know. Included was a quick reveiw of Modified Laws.

Attendance List

Andre, John*
Bean, Trent
Carroll, Daniel
Chapman, Nicole
Cole, Brianna
Cooper, Benjamin
Cooper, Nicholas
De la cruz, Jonathan
Dorland, Stephen
Ellis, Acacia*
Ellis, Stephanie
Green, John
Hammerstein, Matt
Hannesdottir, Brynja
Lasrado, Jacob
Mahdi, Rashid
Meruvia, Andrew
Meruvia, Stefan
Meyers, Claire
Moreno, Perri
Phillips, Schuyler
Ruf, Angela
Sherry, Barry*
Short, Matthew
Smith, Alex
Thomas, Randal
Thomas, Sarah
Vann, Seth
Vargas, Mauricio
Ware, Ben

*Not a Youth but a PWSRA Board Member

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