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March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007
McCoart Bldg Board Chambers

65 Refs in Attendance

Meeting Business: Barry Sherry made the case for assessments. (Club dues to help defer costs for activities, mailings, gifts from the association). PWSRA has no operating budget, therefore has no money to send mailings or provide small gifts for guest speakers. Would like to sponsor youth referees to attend Pride Academy. 
  Permissible under the PWSRA bylaws
  mentors for pre-season referee clinics
  provide t-shirts for mentors
  purchase door prizes for meetings

Jim Griffin motioned first to pay $5 fee for dues, Lauren Sclater second the motion.  Before the vote a second motion was made to have adult refs pay $10 per season and youths (18 years and under) pay $5.  Discussion ensued on what constituted an adult, whether it was 18 or 21. The motion that was carried and passed was for $5/$10 per season with the fees deducted from the check at the end of the season.

End of Business Meeting


House Commissioner: Maggi Patton
R&D Chairman: Jim Griffin
Youth Referee Time: Lauren Sclater
Modified Rules: John Andre

Modified Rules for Spring 2007 for U8s: 

  • play 4 quarters lasting 12 minutes each
  • find natural stoppage in game
  • restart quarters two and four with the restart waiting to happen
  • all modifications will be found on PWSRA website



Position of teams/coaches/parents on field at Howison-JCF

  •  recommend there be a division with both sets of teams and coaches on one side of field and both sets of parents on the other side; just like travel soccer



Youth Referee Time was chaired by Lauren Sclater. It was reported back that many of the young refs were disrespectful during this time leading to the possibility that we will not have this time again. 

Barry showed a picture of the new Referee Flip Coins. They were ordered but held up somewhere.  Will be used as thank you gifts for guest speakers and available for purchase for $3.00

Barry also discussed the WAGS Tournament 


  • October 6-8, 2007
  • no longer use the “phone in” system to assign games
  • will utilize the.Arbiter
  • WAGS pay scale for referees not matter whether they are tournament length or weather-shortened
  • Sub-Assignors: Barry will assign for PWSRA for all Prince William fields

    Meeting ended at 9:05 p.m.




Attendance List

John Andre
Timothy Arvin
Trent Bean
Clayton Brenke
Wayne Briggs
Tim Casebere
Adam Coolbaugh
Marty Cox
Sara Cox
Sean Dam
Adam DeSoto
Noah Elgady
Acacia Ellis
Stephanie Ellis
Dave Fitzgerald
Brian Gallagher
Albertin Galo
Jim Griffin
Tyler Guerra
Jonathan Hamilton
Brynja Hannesdottir
Brent Harrison
Jake Henry
Clifton Hughes
Nicholas Jones
Cevat Kayakol
Ryan Kerr
Jared Kyrouac
Andrew Laco
Sean Libby
David Lord
Eric Mays
Robert McCauley
Timothy McCauley
Alan Metlzer
Christina Metzler
Claire Meyers
Jonathan Mitchell
Stephanie Myrick
Brian O’Connor
Debbie O’Connor
Bupe Okeowo
Nithin Ollakal
Adam Petrihos
Angela Ruf
Bill Sabbagh
Julian Sabbagh
Shadi Sabbagh
Evan Satterley
Lauren Sclater
Barry Sherry
Alex Smith
Matthew Sozio
Klaus Staefe
Carter Tavaglione
Caitlin Thomas
Kirby Thomas
Randal Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Mauricio Vargas
Brendan Vigliano
Cameron Vigliano
Ben Ware
Colin Woods
Ian Woods

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