Prince William SRA


November 27, 2007

A.J. Ferlazzo Blg. Auditorium
PWSRA Annual Meeting

72 Referees in Attendance

Barry Sherry called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

There was no reading of prior minutes since Acacia Ellis was sick and unable to attend. Deferred until next meeting.

John Andre conducted the election of the Head Referee. Motion was made by Debbie O’Connor to nominate Barry Sherry. Seconded by Keith Dorland. With no other nominations, J.R. Bryant motioned to close nominations. Second by Klaus  Staefe. Re-election was unanimous by voice vote.

With no new business, Barry closed the business meeting.


Kirby Thomas, PWSI VP Ops, review of the year and thanks to all refs.

Klaus Staefe, Referee Evaluator, presented before the meeting on positioning and appearance. Updated us on new USSF uniforms.

Ben Jones, National Referee Emeritus, was special guest. Ben refereed in MLS from 2003-2006. He made a presentation about his refereeing and the need to keep priorities in order.

John Andre, Referee Liaison Officer, went over information contained in game reports.

Barry presented assigning stats: 100% for all Saturday games.  99.6% coverage for all games including Sunday makeups.

Barry introduced our newest State Referee, Jim Griffin. Jim donated and conducted raffles for door prizes.

Meeting ended at 9:00 p.m. with distribution of Fall paychecks.



Attendance List

Andre, John
Bean, Trent
Beck, Nicole
Berhe, Samson
Berran, Keller
Bohnsack, Brian
Bryant, J R
Burket, Harry
Campos, Oscar
Carroll, Daniel
Casebere, Tim
Casey, Will
Chacon, Max
Chapman, Nicole
Cole, Art
Cole, Brianna
Coolbaugh, Adam
Cooper, Benjamin
Cooper, Nicholas
Cox, Marty
Dam, Sean
Dorland, Keith
Dorland, Stephen
Fitzgerald, Dave
Green, John
Griffin, Jim
Gustine, Aaron
Hannesdottir, Brynja
Harrison, Brent
Isename, Sunday
Jones, Andrew
Jones, Ben
Jones, Michael
Jones, Sarah
Kaiser, Nicholas
Kerr, Ryan
Kuna, Dave
Lasrado, Jacob
Lawhorn, Kelly
Lord, David
Mahdi, Rashid
Martinez, Frank
McCauley, Robert
McCauley, Timothy
Meruvia, Andrew
Meruvia, Stefan
Mitchell, Jonathan
Moreno, Perri
Myrick, Stephanie
O’Connor, Debbie
Ollakal, Nithin
Phillips, Schuyler
Re, Joe
Ruf, Angela
Sabbagh, Bill
Sabbagh, Shadi
Sclater, Lauren
Sherry, Barry
Smith, Alex
Smith, Michael (Shane)
Staefe, Klaus
Thomas, Caitlin
Thomas, Kirby
Thomas, Randal
Thomas, Ric
Thomas, Sarah
Vargas, Mauricio
Vigliano, Brendan
Vigliano, Cameron
Ware, Ben
White, Ryan

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