Prince William SRA


March 26, 2008

Location: McCoart Board Chambers

The New Referee Meeting began at 6:30. Barry Sherry welcomed the new referees then introduced Stephanie Myrick who talked for about 10 minutes on what you can do with refereeing. John Andre made a presentation on modified rules before Barry spoke about the process. USSF National Instructor, Dan Heldman, wrapped it up with talking about when things go wrong.

The Referee Meeting began at 7:30 although started late due to sign in. Barry introduced Dan who made a presentation on Law 11 - Offside. It was followed by handing out of data wallet cards for modified rules. Jim Griffin spoke about the Referee Advisory Committee and Barry wrapped it up with the raffle for door prizes.

Including Dan Heldman, 106 referees attended.


Attendance List:

Nicholas Adams
William Adams
John Andre
Eric Asper
Rebecca Ayala
Trent Bean
Allison Beckmann
Ryan Beckmann
Esref Bilgihan
Kenneth Black
Brian Bohnsack
Tyler Bohnsack
Clayton Brenke
Spencer Brenke
Wayne Briggs
Carlton Brown
Dean Brusie
Karly Brusie
Harold Burket
Daniel Carroll
Tim Casebere
Will Casey
Nicole Chapman
Art Cole
Brianna Cole
Amanda Collins
Adam Coolbaugh
Benjamin Cooper
Nicholas Cooper
Devan Costello-Mays
Kellsey Costello-Mays
Marty Cox
Sean Dam
Jonathan De la Cruz
Acacia Ellis
Stephanie Ellis
Sydney Fisher
Dave Fitzgerald
David Geyer
Kornelia Graves
John Green
Tyler Green
Jim Griffin
Ray Guerra
Aaron Gustine
Brian Gustine
Matt Hammersten
Bryna Hannesdottir
Alyssa Hester
Patrick Hoge
Tessa Horner
Sunday Isename
Austin Johnson
Andrew Jones
Michael Jones
Sarah Jones
Nicholas Kaiser
Elizabeth Kestermann
Jacob Lasrado
David B Lord
Rashid Mahdi
Eric Mays
Robert McCauley
Matthew Meres
Andrew Meruvia
Stefan Meruvia
Claire Meyers
Jonathan Mitchell
Terrance Moran
Stephanie Myrick
Kara Nay
Debbie O’Connor
Patricia Palermo
Christopher Palermo Re
Schuyler Phillips
Marc Poole
Roberto Rolong
Chanc Russell
Dylan Russell
Bill Sabbagh
Julian Sabbagh
Shadi Sabbagh
Mohammad Saleem
Evan Satterley
Will Schneider
Zack Schuhmacher
Lauren Sclater
Barry Sherry
Alex Smith
Michael (Shane) Smith
Matthew Sozio
Caitlin Thomas
Kirby Thomas
Randal Thomas
Ric Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Alexis Thompson
Drew Thompson
Kristina Tkac
Seth Vann
Brendan Vigliano
Cameron Vigliano
Ben Ware
Jessie Wheeler
Michael Williams


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