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May 19, 2008

Location: McCoart Board Chambers

The Referee Meeting began at 7:30. In the absence of Head Referee, Barry Sherry (business travel), John Andre chaired the meeting.

Stephanie Myrick and Ryan White both spoke about their State Cup experiences at Virginia Beach. who talked for about 10 minutes on what you can do with refereeing.

A suggestion offered was to raise referee pay.  Gas prices aren’t going down. It costs money to get to and from the fields.
Someone asked about an incident they witnessed at Graham Park.  There is a home on-site at the school.  Apparently, someone parked on this property or blocked the resident in.  The person came out saying he would stop the match(es) if someone didn’t move their car.  Does this person have the authority to halt matches?  Is there a sign or barrier that can be erected to keep people away from the residence?
Now the match comments:
Referees who attended the mid-season meeting on May 19 offered these thoughts on what has worked well this season and might help the rest of the season go even better.
A good pre-game with your referee team and with the coaches & players will go a long way towards your success in a given match.  Younger players are still being introduced to the game, so reminding them of your expectations will help them and your match management. Jewelry, shin guards, substitution procedures, free kicks, technical area, etc., are topics well worth you reminding teams about.  Older and more mature the players have been at this longer and usually need less pre-game instruction, but it’s good to at least remind them to have their subs ready at the mid-field line if nothing else.
Get the roster.  You must get a roster with team official and player names and numbers.  Don’t allow a team to avoid submitting one saying, “We’ve never had to provide one before.”  Tell teams you’ll wait to begin the match even if they have to write it all on a piece of paper.  Rosters are vital if you have discipline issues or questions about player eligibility you need to report. 
Look and act professional.  You’ve attended the class, passed the test, earned the badge, and donned the jersey.  You are a professional and probably the only one on the field paid to be there; look like it. Shine your (black) shoes, pull your hair back (if you have it), tuck the jersey in (your black shorts), and pull the socks up.  Don’t give players, coaches or spectators the excuse to disrespect you because you don’t look like you know what you’re doing.  Knowing, interpreting and applying the laws correctly are of paramount importance because they are the content of your job.  Looking like a professional is the final confirmation of your commitment to and authority over the match.
Support your fellow officials.  There are three teams on the field: the two opponents and the referee team (even if there is only a center referee).  Don’t do anything as an assistant referee or as a spectator that undermines the authority of the referee team.  Don’t allow yourself to be baited by coaches and spectators.  If you have concerns or questions, bring them up privately away from the match or work the issues through the head referee.

Only 39 referees attended. This was a night in which high school district playoffs began and many of our refs either officiated or played in those games.



Attendance List:

Andre, John
Bean, Trent
Black, Kenneth
Carroll, Daniel
Collins, Amanda
Cooper, Benjamin
Cooper, Nicholas
De la Cruz, Jonathan
Fitzgerald, Dave
Graves, Kornelia
Green, John
Green, Tyler
Hamilton, Jonathan
Hammersten, Matt
Hoge, Patrick
Johnson, Austin
Kaiser, Nicholas
Lasrado, Jacob
Martinez, Frank
Meres, Matthew
Moreno, Perri
Myrick, Stephanie
O'Connor, Debbie
O'Hop, Bill
Phillips, Schuyler
Poole, Marc
Rolong, Roberto
Sabbagh, Bill
Sabbagh, Julian
Sabbagh, Shadi
Smith, Alex
Smith, Michael (Shane)
Sozio, Matthew
Tavaglione, Carter
Thomas, Randal
Thomas, Ric
Thomas, Sarah
Ware, Ben
White, Ryan


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