Prince William SRA


March 27, 2006

Location: McCoart Building Board Chambers

Barry Sherry, Head Referee
Joe Re, PWSI President
Kirby Thomas, PWSI VP Ops
Ben Jones, National and MLS Referee

Young Referee of the Year

  • Brian Beck, 6th year
  • Christine Imperato, 5th year

Modified Rules for Spring

  • Biggest Change: U08s are going to Throw-ins
  • Second Chance
  • Tell them what they did wrong
  • Rosters: All coaches are supposed to present a roster to the referee
  • Take it!
  • Available at

New Pay Scale
   New for ODSL only

Game Reporting

  • File within 24 hours (preferably after your matches)
  • File online using the Arbiter (look for the R)
  • Call in or email immediately every instance of a red card, dismissed coach, or terminated match
  • Team Information. If either or both teams listed in the scheduled game report is wrong, please correct that in your narrative in the Comments section.
  • Misconduct Information. If none you must note “No Cards Issued.” If cards issued, include specifics. Get the colors right. If abusive language, write down the words used.
  • Field Conditions that PWSI needs to know about.
  • Injuries where the players leaves but cannot return to the match
  • Special circumstances about the match. For instance, whether one team did not have a full team. Whether in the SFL the Playdown rule was in effect.
  • Bad behavior by spectators or coaches. Include specifics
  • The starting time if the game did not start on time. And the reason why. One minute doesn’t matter. Five or more does.
  • Reasons for suspensions of a match, such as lightning, and the actions you took
  • Questionable calls you may have made or were uncertain of
  • Changes to the referee crew – change in positions or new person dropped/joined
  • In short, please provide information that you think we may be asked about. Many a SATURDAY evening begins with requests about specifics that occurred in a certain match. Usually all I can say is "no cards issued." Please provide more info if you do not already provide a narrative report.

Ben Jones
Ben Jones first obtained his National Referee badge with USSF in 2003. He has been working games in MLS since 2004 including eight centers last season. Prior to working in MLS, Ben worked several seasons in the United Soccer Leagues (USL) professional divisions Ben has also been a USSF Associate Assessor since 2004. Ben lives in Montclair and assists PWSRA on many occasions.

Dealing with Angry Adults

  • Source:  /Advice
  • Before: Choose a location to set up away from where adults walk
  • During: Injuries: Do not stand over the injured player if you summoned the coach onto the field
  • After: Do not give out your name – it’s a policy
  • Do not address spectators directly. If you have a disruptive spectator then calmly approach the coach and inform him that the spectator is bothering the players and the referees. Also state that the coach has 2-3 minutes to address the situation and if the spectator doesn’t leave the match will be terminated.
  • If a coach fails to conduct himself in a responsible manner, wait until a stoppage in play and then take an AR with you and approach the COACH. Calmly say "Coach, your behavior is not responsible and must stop. If it fails to improve I will have to terminate the match. Or if it such that a first warning is not appropriate then announce that he is being dismissed and another adult will need to coach the team. If he refuses to leave within two minutes or so or does not have another adult available, terminate the match. DO NOT DEBATE. DO NOT STAY FOR AN ARGUEMENT OR DISCUSSION. Leave immediately, picking up your second AR and move to your "safe" area. After the match contact the Assignor immediately and file a full report

Door Prizes


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