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August 27, 2008

Location: Ferlazzo Auditorium

The Referee Meeting began promptly at 7:30 p.m. which was preceded by a new referee meeting from 6:00-7:15 p.m. PWSRA Head Referee, Barry Sherry, introduced PWSRA Board Members in attendance, Jim Griffin, John Andre, Klaus Staefe, and Acacia Ellis.

There were 93 referees in attendance.

John Andre presented Modified Rules. New for Fall ’08 -- at a stoppage for an injury, let both teams sub if they are waiting. This applies only at the U08-U12 level as PWSI rules do not apply to the SFL.

National Assessor, Klaus Staefe spoke about referee appearance and promptness. He offered his assistance in evaluating and conducting informal assessments and was questioned by PWSI President, Joe Re, on the number of assessments he has conducted.

Jim Griffin spoke about the Referee Advisory Committee. The committee exists to assist referees in improving their performance, mostly off the field. Jim spoke about the Referee Code of Conduct; what to expect if there is a no-show or if you are consistently late for your assignments. He provided a little detail about two incidents in which a referee was late or a no-show and the committee recommended a fine for both of them. Barry mentioned that in the first case the referee is a new referee who failed to grasp the importance of being on time and took the lesson to heart. Barry also reinforced referee’s responsibilities before/during/after matches. 

PRIDE Academy graduates Stephanie Ellis and Alex Smith spoke about their experience at PRIDE this past summer.  They spent five days at the University of Richmond working with USSF instructors: Doug Engstrom, Dan Heldman, and Ben Jones.  Joe Re stated that their attendance was funded by "PWSI, not PWSRA." Any young referee that is interested should seriously consider this opportunity to broaden their skills next summer. Barry announced that Stephanie Myrick, who was unable to attend the meeting, was chosen as the top Female Camper at PRIDE.

Barry instructed the group to break into six sub-groups and come up with feedback/suggestions that PWSRA should offer them. Barry met with new referees during this time as they developed an Adopt-A-Ref plan.

The following represent the highlights of the sub-groups’ feedback:

  • Pass back referee gear program.  Swap and/or donate  ref-gear and supplies. Help out the younger refs
  • Keep an adult on the field during matches
  • Offer assessments throughout the season
  • Referee tents at the parks during hot weather
  • Believes that PWSRA should assign for PWSI tournaments
  • Have the ability to have notes on the Arbiter to advise a crew if one of the refs will be arriving late or is coming from another field/park. (already available on the Arbiter-print schedule the night before)
  • Mandatory training for Coaches.  How to better educate coaches and spectator/parents?  Offer the Myths of the Game.  More sanctions against coaches to protect youth referees. PWSI Recreation Commissioner Maggi Patton said the Coaches have been advised about keeping their distances with youth referees and to respect them. When Barry was told he could address this at the Coaches’ meeting he replied that he hasn’t been invited to speak at the past two meetings.
  • Provide more opportunities for pre-season “on the job training” for all new refs and anyone else who is interested
  • The PWSI website does not have a link to PWSRA.  Where did it go?  How does one know who to contact if they want to work in our association? 
  • Association would like to see “one stop shopping” available on the website
  • More referee development: have referees volunteer their time at camps over the summer. Be available to help at All-Star scrimmages in November and June.
  • Mentoring program: raise our salaries, tips integrated into weekly message, resources for advice and guidance

Barry introduced the Adopt-A-Ref program implemented to assist new refs with the season.  Volunteers drew names, which were provided by the new refs voluntarily. The mentors will offer advice via phone call, email, or games if available.

Barry also announced that hard work and professionalism has paid off in a contract with MCB-Quantico. PWSRA will also be assigning for Quantico’s rec program. And just today, the WAGS Tournament announced that they will again contract with PWSRA for referees for the nationally ranked WAGS Tournament over Columbus Day weekend.

Jim Griffin of Badger Sports, provided door prizes for referees. Meeting ended at 9:00 p.m.


Attendance List:

Adams, Nicholas
Adams, William
Afranie Sakyi, Ashley
Afranie-Sakyi, Alexander
Andre, John
Asper, Eric
Beckmann, Allison
Beckmann, Ryan
Biegun, Christopher
Bilgihan, Esref
Black, Kenneth
Blume, David
Blume, Mark
Brawley, Peter
Briggs, Wayne
Brown, Aaron
Brown, Carlton
Bryant, J R
Bugge, Marc
Carswell, Thomas
Casebere, Tim
Chapman, Nicole
Christian, Jewel
Cole, Brianna
Collins, Amanda
Costello-Mays, Devan
Costello-Mays, Quinn
Cox, Ashley
Dam, Sean
De la Cruz, Jonathan
Dunn, Kipp
Ellis, Acacia
Ellis, Stephanie
Fisher, Sydney
Gaskins, Stephanie
Geyer, David
Graham, Donald
Graves, Kornelia
Green, John
Griffin, Jim
Gustine, Aaron
Gustine, Brian
Hannesdottir, Brynja
Harrison, Brent
Hoge, Patrick
Horner, Tessa
Isename, Sunday
Johnson, Derek
Jones, Michael
Jones, Sarah
Kaiser, Nicholas
Kent, Tyler
Lasrado, Jacob
Lord, David
Mahdi, Rashid
Mastro, Gabrielle
Mays, Eric
McCauley, Robert
Meres, Matthew
Meruvia, Andrew
Meruvia, Angel
Meruvia, Stefan
Meyers, Claire
Mitchell, Erin
Mitchell, Jonathan
Moran, Terrance
Moreno, Perri
Newman, Taylor
O’Connor, Debbie
Oliver, Tina
Palermo, Patricia
Palermo-Re, Christopher
Patton, Sean
Poole, Marc
Re, Joseph
Ruf, Angela
Sabbagh, Bill
Sabbagh, Julian
Sabbagh, Shadi
Satterley, Evan
Schneider, Will
Sherry, Barry
Smith, Alex
Smith, Shane
Sozio, Matthew
Staefe, Klaus
Stevens, Kyle
Thomas, Randal
Thomas, Ric
Thomas, Sarah
Thompson, Jefferson
Ware, Ben
Ware, Dana

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