Prince William SRA


October 20, 2008

Location: McCoart Board Chambers

The Referee Meeting began promptly at 7:30 p.m. PWSRA Head Referee, Barry Sherry, introduced PWSI President, Joe Re, and House Commissioner, Maggi Patton.

There were 41 referees in attendance.

John Andre had prepared laminated data wallet cards with PWSI Modified Rules and those were presented to all referees in attendance. While not on the card itself, we clarified that U08 rules which states that all free kicks are indirect actually applies to kicks that aren’t "free kicks" including kickoffs and corner kicks. They cannot score directly.

Marty Cox raised the issue of the full-size goals at Chinn and Tyrrell. Many teams are trying to stretch the nets over the entire frame and the anchors for the goals are then being used to anchor the nets at the expense of anchoring the goals. Joe and Maggi are now aware and will follow up with the teams as necessary. Joe also spoke about the rules in place for the turf fields. Barry indicated that the referees were 100% in support of the new rules which keep spectators from interfering with the movement of the ARs. Joe, Maggi, and Barry were in agreement that referees should use the coaches to deal with any spectators who were not in compliance. Referees do not need to have confrontations with spectators.

Angela Ruf and Alex Smith demonstrated proper technique for flags. Angela was the model all evening demonstrating substitute signal, keeping the flag next to the body, and even demonstrating the proper signal for indicating to the referee when he has called a foul in the penalty area. Alex demonstrated a better way to hold the flag at the side (between two fingers).

We looked at more than 40 referee pictures, almost all of them finding ways the referee could approve their appearance or posture or both. The bottom line is that we don’t expect to take our young referees and have them become the next State, National, or FIFA referee. We know most will give us a couple of seasons or a couple of years and then move on to other things. But while they are with us they should do things right. Dressing the part, having good posture, and being on time all help the referee present the appearance that they are confident. If they referee appears professional and confident their games will go much easier. Players and fans will accept their calls, even bad ones, much easier. We insist that referees dress the part so their games will go easier.

Meeting ended at 9:00 p.m.


Attendance List:

Bean, Trent
Beckmann, Ryan
Burket, Harold D
Carroll, Daniel
Carswell, Thomas
Casebere, Tim
Chapman, Nicole
Christian, Jewel
Coolbaugh, Adam
Cox, Marty
Dunn, Kipp C.
Graves, Kornelia
Green, John
Hammersten, Matt
Howard, Brian
Johnson, Caelan
Kaiser, Nicholas
Lasrado, Jacob
Laverty, Alex
Lord, David
Mahdi, Rashid
Mastro, Gabrielle
Meres, Matthew
Mitchell, Erin
Mitchell, Jonathan
Mitchell, Richard
Moreno, Perri
Myrick, Stephanie
Palermo Re, Christopher
Patton, Sean
Re, Joseph
Rolong, Roberto
Ruf, Angela
Russell, Chanc
Russell, Dylan
Sharp, Robert
Sherry, Barry
Smith, Alex
Stevens, Kyle
Thompson, Jefferson
Ware, Dana

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