Prince William SRA


November 17, 2008

McCoart Building, Board Chambers
PWSRA Annual Meeting

63 Referees in Attendance as well as  Maggi Patton, Recreation Commissioner for PWSI

Barry Sherry called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Minutes from the last business meeting were read. Motion to accept minutes; Marty Cox seconded the motion. Everyone approved.

New Business: Head Referee Nomination
1. No email nominations were received therefore nobody volunteered to run for Head Referee.
2. Debbie O’Connor nominated Barry Sherry for Head Ref.  No one opposed
3. Marty Cox seconds the nomination
4. J.R. Bryant motioned to close nominations, Marty Cox, “second the motion”.
5. Barry Sherry wins re-election by unanimous vote.

No new business to report therefore business meeting is closed.

Grade7 referees were asked to stand up to be recognized.  Those present were:
Dallas Gravette
Sunday Isename
JR Bryant
Jim Griffin

Piece of advice given to anyone who wants to upgrade, “record all your games because you’ll need them for upgrades”.

Ben Jones, former MLS Referee- Guest Speaker
Ben spoke about his experiences refereeing college games and how he volunteers at Pride Academy.  Pride is a residential camp held at the University of Richmond; five days and four nights of classroom and field training. Three 2008 Pride Graduates from PWSRA were in attendance:

Stephanie Myrick
Stephanie Ellis
Alex Smith

Jim Griffin from Badger Sports donated and conducted raffles for door prizes.

Meeting ended at 9:00 p.m. with distribution of Fall paychecks.


Attendance List

John Andre
Rebecca Ayala
Trent Bean
Christopher Biegun
Kenneth Black
Brian Bohnsack 
Peter Brawley
Ileah Bryant
J R Bryant
Daniel Carroll
Thomas Carswell
Nicole Chapman
Jewel Christian
Art Cole
Brianna Cole
Amanda Collins
Adam Coolbaugh
Ashley Cox
Marty Cox
Kipp C. Dunn
Acacia Ellis
Stephanie Ellis
Donald Graham
Kornelia Graves
Dallas Gravette
John Green
Tyler Green
Jim Griffin
Matt Hammersten
Brynja Hannesdottir
Brent Harrison
Patrick Hoge
Sunday Isename
Ben Jones
Nicholas Kaiser
Elizabeth Kestermann
Jacob Lasrado
Alex Laverty
David Lord
Rashid Mahdi
Gabrielle Mastro
Robert McCauley
Timothy McCauley
Erin Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
Perri Moreno
Stephanie Myrick
Taylor Newman
Debbie O’Connor
Bill O’Hop
Sean Patton
Schuyler Phillips
Angela Ruf
Mohammad Saleem
Evan Satterley
Robert Sharp
Barry Sherry
Alex Smith
Shane Smith
Matthew Sozio
Kyle Stevens
Ric Thomas

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