Prince William SRA


March 30, 2009

Location: Ferlazzo Auditorium

The New Referee Meeting began at 6:00. Barry Sherry welcomed the new referees and went over the assigning process.

The Referee Meeting began at 7:30. Maggi Patton, PWSI Recreational Commissioner, spoke on behalf of the club. Klaus Staefe, National Assessor, spoke about the new assessment process. Paul Mungra, State Director of Instruction, made a special presentation.

88 referees attended.


Attendance List:

Trent Bean
Allison Beckmann
Ryan Beckmann
Peter Brawley
Daniel Carroll
Thomas Carswell
Tim Casebere
Nicole Chapman
Brianna Cole
Amanda Collins
Adam Coolbaugh
Quinn Costello-Mays
Ashley Cox
Marty Cox
Leslie Currie
Sean Dam
Michael Doble
Acacia Ellis
Stephanie Ellis
David First
Dave Fitzgerald
Keg Good
Derek Granados
Dylan Granados
Kornelia Graves
Tyler Green
Keith Griese
Jim Griffin
Aaron Gustine
Corey Gustine
Jonathan Hamilton
Matt Hammersten
Brynja Hannesdottir
Brian Howard
Gavin Inge
Nicholas Kaiser
Tyler Kent
Nathan Kirk
Jacob Lasrado
Alex Laverty
David (Dave) Lord
Eric Mays
Robert McCauley
Timothy McCauley
Bill McCombs
Arianna McGuire
Matthew Meres
Andrew Meruvia
Angel Meruvia
Stefan Meruvia
Claire Meyers
Erin Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
Jessica Montecinos
Oscar Montecinos
Perri Moreno
Paul Mungra
Stephanie Myrick
Taylor Newman
Tina Oliver
Patricia Palermo
Alex Palermo-Re
Christopher Palermo-Re
Patrick Palermo-Re
Sean Patton
Schuyler Phillips
Gustavo Ranz
Joseph Re
Renee Richardson
Angela Ruf
Barry Sherry
Allison Shomo
Milton Shomo
Alex Smith
Amber Smith
Michael (Shane) Smith
Delzar Soto
Klaus Staefe
Kyle Stevens
Luke Sturm
Neal Sweeney
Jefferson Thompson
Alan Tolentino
Benjamin Ware
Dana Ware
Andrew Wilson
Kelly Wilson
Tyler Zong

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