Prince William SRA


August 25, 2009

Location: Ferlazzo Auditorium

The New Referee Meeting began at 6:30. Barry Sherry welcomed the new referees and went over the assigning process.

The Referee Meeting began at 7:30. Barry Sherry welcomed all refs. PWSI President, Joe Re, House Commissioner, Bob McCauley, and SFL Club Rep, Bill Sabbagh, spoke on behalf of the club. Jim Griffin spoke about the Referee Advisory Committee and presented his list of 10 Things for Assistant Referees. Instructor/Assignor Harvey Finberg, spoke about points of emphasis and made an offer to come assess any ref who wants to advance. Barry presented the PWSRA Young Referee of the Year, Stephanie Ellis. Jim and Badger Sports presented door prizes. The meeting adjorned at 8:35 p.m.

There were 51 referees in attendance.

Attendance List:

Berhe, Samson
Biegun, Christopher
Bolander, Katie
Brown, Carlton
Chapman, Nicole
*Cole, Brianna
*Collins, Amanda
*Cox, Marty
Dam, Sean
Delawter Reuter, Taylor
Dunn, Kipp C.
Ellis, Acacia
Ellis, Stephanie
Finberg, Harvey
Fisher, Sydney
*Graves, Kornelia
Green, John
*Green, Tyler
Griese, Keith
Griffin, Jim
Griffo, Nathan
Hamilton, Jonathan
Hester, Alyssa
*Howard, Brian
Kent, Tyler
Kirk, Nathan
Lasrado, Jacob
*Laverty, Alex
*Lord, David (Dave)
Luabun, Chlutch (Ake)
McCauley, Robert
McCombs, Bill
*Meyers, Claire
*Moreno, Perri
*Myrick, Stephanie
Palermo-Re, Christopher
Patton, Sean
Re, Joseph
*Ruf, Angela
Russell, Chanc
*Sabbagh, Bill
*Sabbagh, Julian
*Sabbagh, Shadi
Sachtleben, Doug
Sachtleben, Graham
*Sherry, Barry
Standbrook, Jonathan
Sozio, Matthew
Ware, Dana
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Kelly

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