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November 22, 2011

The Annual PWSRA Referee Business Meeting was held at the Ferlazzo Building Auditorium. At 7:30 p.m. the meeting was called to order.

PWSRA Secretary, Stephanie Myrick, read the minutes from the last meeting. Those were approved. She reported the only nomination for Head Referee was Barry Sherry. By acclimation, Barry was re-elected as PWSRA Head Referee.

With no new business, the business meeting was closed.

A presentation on tactical fouls was made by Paul Mungra, former State Director of Instruction. Barry presented a segment on Referee Assault and Abuse, created by Carla Winters.

Barry introduced the 2011 VYSA Young Female Referee of the Year, Angela Ruf.

After the meeting, paychecks were handed out to referee who had worked games in the Fall.



There were 62 referees in attendance:

Andre, John
Barker, Jacob
Barker, Lillian
Bean, Tom
Beaulieu, Yonel
Beck, Brian
Biegen, Christopher
Campos, Christopher
Campos, Oscar
Casebere, Timothy
Chapman, Nicole
Costello-Mays, Quinn
Ellis, Stephanie
Fitzgerald, Dave
Fitzpatrick, Daniel
Good, Katherine (Keg)
Graves, Kornelia
Green, John
Green, Sherman
Guevara, Emely
Hammersten, Matt
Hirscher, Joshua
Hodgson, Alexis
Iversen, Henrik
Jones, Jessica
Juarez, Gustavo
Kennedy, Kyle
Kent, Tyler
Liedel, Craig
Lord, David (Dave)
Luabun, Chlutch (Ake)
Mahdi, Rashid
Mastro, Gabrielle
Mattson, Joshua
Mays, Eric
McCauley, Danny
McCauley, Robert
McCauley, Sean
Mitchell, Erin
Mitchell, Jonathan
Mitchell, Richard
Morales, Alexander
Mungra, Paul*
Myrick, Stephanie
Neuhaus, Gwen
O’Connor, Colin
O’Connor, Debbie
Patton, Ryan
Plummer, Chris
Ramirez, Melvin
Ranz, Gustavo
Ranz, Nicolas
Ruf, Angela
Sachtleben, Doug
Sachtleben, Jamie
Sherry, Barry
Shomo, Milton
Sirag, Anne-Marie
Smith, Alex
Standbrook, Jonathan
Talcott, Jennifer
*Guest Speaker

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