Prince William SRA


April 2, 2014

The spring kickoff meeting for PWSRA was held at the Ferlazzo Bldg., Donald Custis Dr., Woodbridge VA.

New referees were welcomed at 6:00 p.m. by John Andre and joined by PWSRA Director of Referees, Barry Sherry.

At 7:15 p.m., returning referees joined the meeting. Bob McCauley and John Andre presented Modified Rules followed by Merwyn Lasrado talking about the Suburban Friendship League.

The guest of honor was National Instructor, Dan Heldman. Dan presented "The Search for Options" as referees explored options given 10 different scenarios.

All 46 referees in attendance received the USSF Two-Stripe sock.

Referees Attending:
John Andre
Trent Bean
Brian Beck
Landon Black
Bogdan Cozma
Kenneth Diller
Zachary Diller
Andre Gallant
Denise Gallant
Gabriel Gallant
Katherine (Keg) Good
John Gutierrez
Tom Hastings
Nicholas Howland
James Jones
Matthew Jones
Christopher Kelly
Agya Kwarteng
Christian Lamoureux
David (Dave) Lord
Simon Maybee
Eric Mays
Meaghan McCann
Brian McCauley
Danny McCauley
Robert McCauley
Sean McCauley
Richard Mitchell
Alexander Morales
Daniel Neuhaus
Brian O'Connor
Megan Patton
Sean Patton
Amy Pearson
Chris Plummer
Kevin Russell
Kendra Sabol
Barry Sherry
Adrian Speight
Jacob Talcott
Jennifer Talcott
Camryn Terry
Katherine Yates
Mike Yates
Kaylee Zabava
Jaime Zamora


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