Prince William SRA


March 30, 2016

Meeting was held at the Ferlazzo Building Cafeteria. Thirty-seven referees were in attendance:

Hesham Abdelaziz *
John Andre
Tom Bean
Matthew Blankenship
Clayton Brenke
Aaron Brune
Bogdan Cozma
Tom Demas
John Durastanti *
Dave Fitzgerald
Arturo Granados *
Jocelyn Granados *
Katie Huston *
Gustavo Juarez
David Lord
Eric Mays
Brian McCauley
Danny McCauley
Robert McCauley
Sean McCauley
Adrien McCulloch *
Richard Mitchell
Rileigh Perkins *
Jeremiah Petersen
Josh Pinkos
Danny Porter
Melvin Ramirez
Hugo Rodriguez
Jamie Sachtleben
Anthony Salas *
Barry Sherry
Elizabeth Thacker *
Ryan Tilgner *
Olivia Venturino *
Nick Vroustouris
Nickolas Vroustouris
Trevor Yeatts *

* New Referee

John Andre and Barry Sherry talked about expectations with new referees including using Arbiter and getting assignments. Barry left them with the words that if anything leave you in tears, call him.

For the referee meeting we discussed the No Header Rules for U11s and under. After the memo discussion we went over the new game reports.


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