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March 29, 2017

Sixty eight referees met at the Ferlazzo Building.

John Andre met with the new referees, 45 in attendance. He presented Modified Laws of the Game and showed them Myth of the Game. Barry Sherry summaried byt telling thme if any game leaves them in tears to give him or John a call.

Barry ran the geneeal meeting. Introduced Jenise Mancini from PWSI (also a new referee) who spoke about ridding the fields of Soccer Jerks. A number of door prizes were handed out. Barry told the assembled mass that he made a proposal to the club to greatly incread the pay for VPL games. Barry finished by presenting four awards:

  • Brady Frost, "Great Start Award"
  • Riliegh Perkins, "Great Start Award"
  • John Andre, Lifetime Contributor Award
  • Nichole Choplin, PWSRA Young Referee of the Year

A fifth award, Rookie of the Year, went unclaimed because the recipient did not attend the meeting.

In attendance:
John Andre
Javier Arana-Rios
Lauren Atkinson
Nathan Atkinson
Danny Bickham
April Blankenship
Hunter Blankenship
Kwadwo Bonsu
Sarah Boyt
Clayton Brenke
Aaron Brune
Matthew Bruzzini
Connell Calvert
Tomas Calvert
Gary Choplin

Logan Choplin
Nichole Choplin
Madison Cofer
Megan Colcombe
Ethan Crane
Quentin Crocker
Dominic Demas
Luke Demas
Thomas Demas
Madison Depalma
Christopher Domingos-Kioza
Ashley Durastanti
Acacia Ellis
Alexander Esguerra
Trent Fisher
Tiberiu Flesariu

Brady Frost
Gabriel Gallant
Michael Gallant
Giancarlo Gonzales
Rafael Gonzalez
Dakota Green
Gabrielle Griese
William Harrigan
Thomas Hastings
Christian Hood
Kirk Hood
Jaxon Krieger
Kevin Lainez

Jenise Mancini
Natalie Martin
Eric Mays
Sean McCauley
Samuel McKee
Isabella Millner
Gabriella Montecinos
Jessica Montecinos
Modell Opoku
Amy Pearson

Rileigh Perkins
Whitney Reed
Kyle Rodriguez
Alexandra Salley

Barry Sherry
Nathan Sheviak
Sean Tivnan
Jacob Vayer
Olivia Venutrino
Alyssa Villanueva
Vicente Villanueva
Andrew Xhixho
Katie Yates
Jaime Zamora

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