Prince William SRA


November 13, 2017


The annual meeting of PWSRA was held at the Ferlazzo Bldg., Leesylvania Room. It was called to order by Barry Sherry, Director of Referees, at 7:30 p.m. The following referees attended:

Matthew Bruzzini
John Bryant
Tomas Calvert
Gary Choplin
Logan Choplin
Nichole Choplin
Megan Colcombe
Ethan Crane
Madison Depalma
Gabrielle Griese
Dominic Jimenez
Jenise Mancini
Natalie Martin
Bob McCauley
Debbie O'Connor
Rileigh Perkins
Doug Sachtleben
Jamie Sachtleben

Barry Sherry
Elizabeth Thacker
Ramsey Tilgner
Jacob Vayer
Olivia Venturino

According to the Bylaws, five percent (5%) of the membership is needed for a quorum. Barry presented a membership roster of 150 which was accepted. Eight members were needed for a quorum; 23 attended.

No Old Business was presented. No new business was presented with the exception of election of the Director of Referees. Stephanie Myrick, secretary, received no nominations to run. Barry Sherry was nominated by Debbie O'Conner. Second by John Bryant. Elected and agreed to another term. Jamie Sachtleben motioned for the meeting to close. Dominic Jimenez second. All in favor. Business meeting closed.

Barry presented Beth Thacker with PWSRA's Rookie of the Year Award for 2016.

Special presenter was Bob Perry. Bob is the State Youth Representative on the State Referee Committee. He introduced Jamie and Nichole who were just selected at the VYSA Young Male and Young Female Referee of the Year, respectively. In addition, Nichole was presented as the Region I Young Female Referee of the Year. Bob spoke about the steps necessary to being successful.

Pizza was served.

The general meeting closed at 8:45 p.m.

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