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For PWSI recreational games U12 through U19, including SFL games, the referees will report a sportsmanship score for each team to include players, team officials, and spectators. The maximum points for each team is 40 points. You must deduct 5 points for each yellow card and 20 for each red. If you give a red card (not double yellow), the team can get a maximum of 20 team points. Coach "cards" are doubled. If a coach gets ejected, then the maximum score is 0/40.

Treat a red card for a second yellow as two yellows, i.e., 10 points.

If you deduct more than what is indicated by the showing of cards, you must include that in the narrative (comments). For example, if the home team was shown one caution and you report their overall score to be 30, you must include a description of why five additional points were deducted. If you report their score as 35, no explanation is necessary as the 5 point deduction was based on the card.

For U08 through U10 the sportsmanship is simple. Selections from "Great game" to "Don’t Assign me to This Team Again."

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