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What to Include in a Game Report

Too often we have to follow-up with referees to get information that should be provided from the beginning. Even when you have a relatively easy match, there is always something to report. It’s like the weather report during the news; even when it’s 80 degrees, sunny, and mild for the entire week, the report is still made. Nothing is skipped. We have 3,000 characters to use in our narrative reports; we shouldn’t skip them.

What to Include in a Game Report

Basic information you need to include:

  1. Team Information. If either or both teams listed in the scheduled game report is wrong, please correct that in your narrative in the Comments section. Identify coaches or the people acting as coaches; many times you’ll have a parent standing in for the coach/assistant coach. Also, use a coach’s name or “home” or “away” to identify teams. Using “red” or “white” doesn’t help us.

  2. Misconduct Information. If you issue a caution or ejection, note the player’s team, jersey number, name, time of the infraction, and the infraction code as explained at Ejections require a pretty substantial narrative explanation, and above U12, require a separate sendoff report and a call to the assignor, but you should also explain what prompted cautions. Unsporting behavior (UB) covers a wide range of infractions, so the details are very helpful especially if tensions escalate to the point of an ejection.

  3. Pitch Conditions that PWSI needs to know about such as the condition of the nets, markings, flags or a lack of them, lights that failed to come on, etc. We pass your info on to the V.P. of Operations.

  4. Injuries where the players leaves the pitch. Note the player’s team, jersey number, name, time of the injury, and the injury itself. Also note if the player did or did not return to the pitch

  5. Special circumstances about the match. For instance, a team did not have the full number of players to begin the match, players were added in PWSI Rec League matches due to the score difference, the SFL Playdown or Mercy rules were in effect, problems with the rosters, etc. And don’t forget to note players who are serving a sit-out. Whether or not that player is present at the field, the sit-out should be recorded. As with misconduct or injuries, record the player’s team, jersey number, and name.

  6. Bad behavior by spectators or coaches. Include specifics of what you observed: what people said and/or did and what may have led to the bad behavior especially if it is something that happened on the pitch. Don’t solicit identities from spectators; get them from coaches. If the coaches refuse to identify the spectators, report it. If you see two coaches going after each other even though you have left the field, report it.

  7. Starting times if the beginning of the match was delayed. And the reason why. One minute doesn’t matter. Ten or more does. Note what delayed the beginning of the match and what you did to get back on schedule,

  8. Terminated or suspended matches. Reasons for suspensions of a match, such as lightning, and the actions you took. You must include the minute of play the match was terminated.

  9. Contentious calls you may have made. See number 2. The more detail we have, the better we can do to answer your questions.

  10. Changes to the referee crew are to be noted in the Comments section of the Arbiter report. If John filled in for Bob but Arbiter still has Bob assigned, Bob will get paid and John will not. Simply add a comment in Arbiter that John filled in for Bob. For your GAME report, list John as the referee.

In short, please provide information that you think we may be asked about. Many a SATURDAY afternoon begins with requests from PWSI about specifics that occurred in a certain match.

Finally, submit your reports the day of your match. There’s no reason we should be receiving match reports on May 15 for games played on April 25.


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