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What to Include in a Game Report
Codes for Reporting Misconduct

Game Reports

Law 5.3 requires the referee "provides the appropriate authorities with a match report, including information on disciplinary action and any other incidents that occurred before, during or after the match"

Reporting requirements for each league/level of competition are as follows:


Required Game Reports
Level GameOfficials PWSRA Report Sendoff Report
ODSL No No (1) Required
Rec 7U-12U Required Required Required
Rec 13U-19U
Required Required Required
Tournaments No No (2) No
VPL Required Required Required

(1) Referees are required to file an ODSL game report

(2) Each tournament may be different but generally report scores and issues including misconduct to the official site or tounament marshall

Reports must be filed the day of the match.

If you sendoff a player (red card) or dismiss a coach you must call the assignor immediately after the match in addition to filing a sendoff report.

In GameOfficials select After Games. Add in the score. If there were crew changes different than your current view in GameOfficials, select YES (Crew was different) then add the names of your crew in the comments field.


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