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Referee Assault, Abuse, and Coaches Misconduct

If you are involved in an incident as a referee (i.e., Referee or AR) that requires you to file a report with the State Association - for referee assault, referee abuse, or coaches misconduct - you need to file a report. 

If you are a youth referee please contact the Assignor, Director of Referees, or other referee who will help you write your report.


If a youth referee is involved as a complaintant or witness and asked to attend a Rules and Disciplnary Hearing Committee, PWSRA will support you in preparation of your hearing and will attend with you to lend support. If the hearing is at the State level, the MDCVASRP will provide support with a specially trained support counselor.

Charge Description/Definition Includes (not limited to)
Referee Assault An intentional act of physical violence at or upon a referee
  • Hitting directly or with a thrown or kicked object 
  • Kicking 
  • Punching 
  • Choking 
  • Spitting on 
  • Grabbing or bodily running into 
  • Head butting 
  • Damaging a referees uniform or personal property (e.g., car, chair)
Referee Abuse A verbal statement or physical act NOT resulting in bodily conduct which implies or threatens harm to a referee, the referees property, or the referees equipment 
  • Using foul and abusive language 
  • Spitting AT (but not on) 
  • Spewing beverage on a referee or the referees personal property 
  • Verbal threats to a referee with words like 
    • "Ill get you after the game" 
    • "You wont get out of here in one piece" 
Coaches Misconduct (Youth Only) Misconduct by coach, assistant coach or team official that are persistent statements or physical acts at a referee at a game that do not constitute assault or abuse but that mistreat a referee

Inappropriate or unacceptable statements that include: 
  • excessive incidences of foul or abusive language 
  • statements that diminish the authority of the referee 
  • statements or acts that serve to intimidate with threatening physical harm 
  • Confronting a referee without physically threatening the referee 
  • Spitting on the ground or in the air near the referee 
  • Throwing or kicking an item as a sign of disrespect or dissent 
  • Re-entering the field 
Other Use "Other" for all reports submitted that do not charge referee assault, referee abuse or coaches misconduct 
  • Spectator misconduct 
Note: Coaches Misconduct can only be charged if the coach has been ejected and,
after the ejection, engages in conduct that is misconduct under this policy. 
A report must be filed within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident.

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