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Assigning Grade 9

Q. Do I need to give availability on Sundays for Grade 9 ARs ?

A. Absolutely. While we usually do not have assignments for Grade 9 referees on Sunday as it is primarily for travel soccer, we do have an occasional match that a Grade 9 could potentially be an AR on. More likely, Sunday is our rain makeup day. If a Saturday match is rained out a referee's assignment will roll over to the rescheduled game the following Sunday if they are available in GameOfficials.
Q. What fields do Grade 9 ARs work?

A. A Grade 9 is restricted to recreational games ages 14Uand below. Potentially, they could be on any field. A first-season, especially a young first-season referee may only be assigned AR at Howison (09U, 10U, 12U) but could be assigned at Chinn or Tyrrell up to 14U. We especially can use officials with the 07U and 08U which currently play at Fred Lynn Middle School.
Updated Feb. 14, 2018

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