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A PWSRA Video Offer

There are a number of misunderstandings about what the referee calls, or does not call. The USSF video, "Myths Of The Game," is available to be shown to any PWSI team at a parent/player meeting. PWSRA will send a referee to your meeting to present this video.

It is divided into five topical areas -- handballs, offside, dangerous play, throw-ins, and goalkeepers. Coverage of each topic includes: examples of some of the wrong information which many people have; examples of game situations illustrating the situations which can arise under the general heading; comments from players and referees; and, expert voice-over explaining proper terms as well as the proper application of the Laws of the Game.

Did you know there’s no such thing as handball, high kick, obstruction, and that it is legal for a player to remain in an offside position the entire match? These are just some of the situations covered in this 18 minute tape. We recommend 45-60 minutes to allow the referee to answer questions that arise from viewing the video.

Not covered in this video but worth mentioning are two other myths: First, while the Laws state that it is an offence to tackle someone and make contact with the opponent before contacting the ball, it does not then hold true that so long as one gets the ball first that no foul has been committed. Many vicious fouls have been committed even after first contacting the ball. Second, the attacking team is entitled to a quick free kick after a foul. The Laws require that the opponents retire at least 10 yards from the ball (in all directions). It is not a requirement for the attacking team to request 10 yards.

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