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What to Include in a Game Report

Each game report MUST include something in the Comments Field

Here is some basic information you can include:

  1. Team Information. If either or both teams listed in the scheduled game report is wrong, please correct that in your narrative in the Comments section.
  2. Misconduct Information. If none you must note "No Cards Issued"*
  3. Field Conditions that PWSI needs to know about. We pass your info on to the V.P. Operations.
  4. Injuries where the players leaves but cannot return to the match*
  5. Special circumstances about the match. For instance, whether one team did not have a full team. Whether in the SFL the Playdown rule was in effect.
  6. Bad behavior by spectators or coaches. Include specifics. If you see two coaches going after each other even though you have left the field -- report it.
  7. The starting time if the game did not start on time. And the reason why. One minute doesn’t matter. Ten or more does.
  8. Terminated or suspended matches. Reasons for suspensions of a match, such as lightning, and the actions you took.
  9. Questionable calls you may have made. We'll answer your questions.
  10. Changes to the referee crew

In short, please provide information that you think we may be asked about. Many a SATURDAY evening begins with requests about specifics that occurred in a certain match. Usually all the assignor can say is "no cards issued." Please provide more info if you do not already provide a narrative report.

*Names as well as uniform number 

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