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ODSL Game Reporting
Tips on Report Writing
What to Include in a Game Report

Game Reporting


  • provides the appropriate authorities with a match report which includes information on any disciplinary action taken against players, and/or team officials and any other incidents which occurred before, during or after the match

It is a requirement in the Laws of the Game that a report be filed after each match. For PWSRA the following procedures apply:

  1. Game reports must be filed the day of the match unless prior arrangement with the assignor has been made 
  2. Only the referee is responsible for and can file a report. If an assistant referee desires to provide additional information, or in the case of no report filed by the referee within 24 hours, they should email the assignor with that information.
  3. For instances of red card sendoffs, dismissal of coach/team official (whether or not a red card was displayed), suspension of match until a disruptive spectator leaves the area, or any match which is termination, the referee must immediately notify the assignor. A separate notification is required, preferably by phone. If using email, clearly identify in the subject line the cause of the email, e.g. Red Card Sendoff.
  4. If no game report is filed it is assumed that the referee was a no-show and will not be paid and, in addition, may be fined


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