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Why Not More Recert Classes?


No, that badge the referee received the first year is not good for a lifetime. Referees are required to recertify each year if they want to officiate. Their certification expires December 31 of the year on their badge.

At PWSRA we encourage our referees to certify as early as August before the Fall season. The Laws are modified each year and those modifications take effect each year on July 1. It is professional practice to know those changes before officiating in the Fall.

Photo: MLS Referee Ben Jones and Harvey Finberg teaching a recertification clinic at the McCoart Bldg.

Parts of the process remain the same as they are for first time referees. Register (again) at the State Referee website. Enroll in a recertification clinic. One only recertifies if they want to keep the current grade for the next year.

If you are a Grade 9 looking to Upgrade to Grade 8 do not sign up for a recertification clinic. Instead, sign up for an Upgrade to Grade 8 Clinic or take a New-8 clinic.

Recertifying referees should note there are differences between the initial certification clinic and the recertification clinic.

Differences between Certification and Recertification
  Certification Recertification
Taught the LOTG Yes No
Exam In class Online, Prerequisite
Study Guides
for Exam
Closed Book Open Book;
Second try OK
Agenda LOTG Points of emphasis;
LOTG Changes
Clinic Length 10 hours 5 hours

UPDATED: February 15, 2018

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