Prince William SRA


Howison Training Room

Location: Howison Homestead Park, 14716 Minnieville Road, Woodbridge VA 22193

Park in the lower parking lot. Walk up the access road next to Field 1 about 130 yards to the concession building/rest rooms. The building is location between Fields 2 and 3. The entrance to the training room is on the right side of the building (facing Field 3).

The access road is RESTRICTED. There is not a drop-off location at the building. It is a one-lane road with no room for vehicles in opposite directions. The only vehicles authorized to use the access road are emergency, Prince William Co. Park Authority, and vehicles with valid handicapped permits. There are two handicapped spaces available. The PWC Park Authority actively patrol this location and ticket violators. 

With this location we have a training facility and access to turf fields. We are guests of PWSI and have the facility available only as long as we are good stewards. Do not track in mud. Also, we operate under Colorado Rules - carry-in, carry-out. They do not have trash service so carry out all trash brought into the room.

The room is small with a limited number of chairs. Therefore when a clinic is full it really is full. And no, we don't have room for one more.


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