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Breakdown of Video Length by Law

Video Modules - Total Viewing Time

In prepration for a Combo clinic, new referees are required to watch videos on the Laws of the Game. These videos can be accessed at the registration site by clicking "Load Session Tracker." Watching the videos there is the only way to get credit for the clinic. Persons not registered, are referees wanting to review modules, or simply people who are interested can also access the videos without being om the training site at

Referees should be prepared to spend approximately three hours reveiwing these videos broken down as follow:

Laws 1-4: 24:00
Laws 7-10: 18:00
Laws 13-17: 28:00
Law 11: 11:00
Law 12: 26:00
Law 5: 22:00
Law 6: 15:00
Concussions in Soccer: 16:00

UPDATED: March 3, 2018


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