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VYSA Header Prohibition for 11U and younger

Modified Rules



Substitutions. Substitutions shall be unlimited with permission of the referee at the following times:

  • Prior to a throw-in by the team in possession. However, the opposing team may also sub if the substitutes are ready to enter at the halfway line.
  • Prior to a goal kick by either team
  • After a goal
  • At half-time (or quarter break for 7/8U's)
  • For a player who has been cautioned; or
  • At a stoppage for an injured player; either team may substitute (only up through 12Us; above 12Us, for injured player and the opponent’s may sub one for one

Mercy Rule. Teams may add one player above the maximum if trailing by four (4) goals. They may add a second player if behind by five (5) goals. If the trailing team scores to reduce the deficit below these amounts, the extra player(s) must come off the field. Leading teams should never play below its authorized number of players. This is not a responsibility of the referees to manage but permit if the coaches agree and add details in the game report.


Header Rule.
VYSA instituted a state-wide ban on heading the ball for players 11U and younger. If the ball and head meet, stop play, assess the player (if necessary and permit treatment) then restart with IDFK if it was a deliberate act (Head to Ball) or dropped ball if it was inadvertent (Ball to Head).

07U/08U (Fred Lynn Elem.)
Law 1 - The Field: Goals are cage-like with flex "tent" poles.
Law 2 - The Ball: Size 3
Law 3 - Number of Players: 4v4, Minimum 3. No Goalkeepers. Mercy Rule. Coaches are not to designate a player who stands in the goal area and essentially becomes a goalkeeper even though they do have have the right to use their hands to touch the ball. This is up to coaches to enforce - we have no sanctions for this. However, if a referee observes this it must be included in their game report.
Law 7 - Duration of the Match: Four 12 minute quarters. Two minute break between quarters 1&2 and 3&4 and a five minute halftime interval. Referees are to end the first and third quarters shortly after 12 minutes have elapsed and at a natural stoppage in play, be it throw-in, goal kick, etc. The players will be directed to take a two minute break and the play will then resume with the restart that was waiting to happen. If no natural stoppage occurs within a minute or so, the referee should stop the match, allow the break, then resume with a dropped ball where the ball was when the referee stopped the match.
Law 8 - The Start and Restart of Play: A goal may not be scored directly from a kickoff
Law 11 - Offside: No offside
Law 12 - Fouls and Misconducts: No slide tackling permitted. Sanction with IFK. Do not show cards to these kids. No caution or send off shall be issued to players. If a child is being too rambunctious the referee will ask the coach to make a substitution of that player to give the child a chance to calm down before returning to play. Misbehaving coaches and spectators may be dismissed from around the pitch; referees should only address coaches when this is necessary.
Law 13 - Free Kicks: All free kicks are indirect. Opposing players must be 4 yards away.
Law 14 - The Penalty Kick: No PKs
Law 15 - The Throw-in: Players shall be given a second attempt but referees must tell them what was wrong with the first attempt.
Remember, the FUN of the game is movement of the ball. When everyone has to stop to restart the game, the FUN has left the game for the moment. Try to keep the ball moving and not be too eager to call the ball out of play.

Note: The VYSA Header Rule (Prohibition) is in effect

09U and 10U
Law 2 - The Ball: Size 4
Law 3 - Number of Players: 7v7, minimum 6. Mercy Rule.
Law 7 - Duration of the Match: Two 30 minute halves. Five minute halftime interval.
Law 11 - Offside: No offside
Law 13 - Free Kicks: Opposing players must be 8 yards away.
Law 16 - Goal Kicks - Build Out line in effect
Note: The VYSA Header Rule (Prohibition) is in effect
Note2: The Build Out line for Goal kicks, free kicks, and goalkeeper possession is in effect for 9/10U.
Law 2 - The Ball: Size 4
Law 3 - Number of Players: 8v8 Minimum 6. Mercy Rule.
Law 7 - Duration of the Match: Two 30 minute halves. Five minute halftime interval.
Law 13 - Free Kicks: Opposing players must be 8 yards away.
Note: The VYSA Header Rule (Prohibition) is in effect
Law 2 - The Ball: Size 4
Law 3 - Number of Players: 8v8 Minimum 6. Mercy Rule.
Law 7 - Duration of the Match: Two 30 minute halves. Five minute halftime interval.
Law 13 - Free Kicks: Opposing players must be 8 yards away.
SFL - 13U, 14U, 16U, 19U
These age groups play in the Suburban Friendship League (SFL). PWSI's rec rules do not apply to these games.
Law 2 - The Ball: Size 5
Law 3 - The Number of Players: SFL’s "playdown" rule. If one team does not have 11 players the opponent can play no more two more players more than the other team (7v9, 8v10, 9v11, 10v11). Coaches are require to remove a player when reaching a five goal advantage. A team losing by six has the option of terminating the match. Fifteen minute grace period.
  MERCY RULE - Starting with a five goal lead the winning coach is required to remove one player per goal differential up to eight goals when they would be down to seven players. The losing coach is permitted to declare the game at anytime when trailing by six or more goals.
Law 7 - Duration of the Match: U13 and U14 play two 35 minutes halves. U16 and U19 are scheduled for two 40 minute halves. However, if time is available and both teams agree these age groups may play 45 minutes halves. You must speak to the coaches about this option.  Five minute halftime interval.
ODSL Rules
  • Players and coaches for both teams are to be together on one side of the field. Spectators must go to the opposite side.
  • Player passes must be checked against the present players by referees prior to each game. If a team does not have their passes with them they should be given until the end of the match to produce the player passes. Any irregularities should be reported on the Match Report Card. If the passes cannot be produced the referee should report this on the match report.
  • A team may have a 15 minute grace period in which to meet the player minimum. The beginning of the game may be delayed 15 min if the field is unplayable, while the home team makes repairs or corrections.
  • The Online ODSL REFEREE GAME REPORT must be filed the same day. No GameOfficials Report is necessary.
  • Both teams are permitted to sub on a throw-in if requested by the team in possession of the ball.
VPL Rules

Law 3: Player Cards: Must be checked prior to each game. A game-day roster listing all players who will participate in the game and their jersey numbers must be given to the referee prior to the start of the game. Game card provided by home team.

  • Players: 11U-12U play 9v9
  • Subs: 11U-14U, Unlimited at standard youth exceptions;
  • Subs: 15U-19U, Limited (no re-entry) at any stoppage

Law 5 - The Referee: 11U: Stop play for heading.
Law 7 - Duration

  • 11U-13U: 2x35
  • 14U-16U: 2x40
  • 17U-19U: 2x45.
    All: 10 minute halftime

UPDATED: 7 Sep 2017


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