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Arriving Late

Referees are expected to arrive at the field location no later than 30 minutes before their first schedule match. "At the field" means to be on the pitch not simply in the parking lot waiting for a space to open. Traffic congestion and parking issues in Northern Virginia are a way of life and are to be anticipated.

Occasionally, the assignor will accept as a condition of assignment, a referee arriving less than 30 minutes priot to the match. In this case the assignor will require to referee to notify his crew members.

If a crew member is running late

  • The crew at the field sometime between 30 and 25 minutes prior to kick off shall attempt to call the missing crew member
  • The person making the call should be the referee, however, if the referee is missing, then either one of the assigned assistant referees should call
  • If 20 minutes before the match a crew member is still missing and attempts to reach him have been unsuccessful, a member of the crew should call the assignor

If you are the crew member running late

  • You should call a member of your crew as soon as you reasonably know that you will not be on time
  • Do not wait until 30 minutes prior to make the call
  • If you cannot reach a member of the crew then call the assignor if your arrival will be less than 20 minutes prior

Changes in the crew due to a late arrival crew member

  • At 20 minutes prior to the match, without contact from the missing referee and after the assignor has been called, the crew must take responsibility to officiate without the missing referee.
  • If the missing official is an assistant referee, the pre-game conference must include whether to use a club linesman and shall proceed with the assumption the referee is a no-show
  • If the missing official is the referee, the pre-game conference must include who, if anyone, will take the middle, as well as whether to use a club linesman and shall proceed with the assumption the referee is a no-show
  • If the existing crew makes a switch to the crew the late arriving crew member has no right to switch it back, i.e., if a crew member has stepped up to be the referee then they will be the referee and the late arriving crew member can claim a position as assistant referee
  • If the assignor has called in a replacement then the replacement referee assumes the right to the assignment, in order words, a late arriving referee is subject to forfeiture of that assignment
  • The replacement authorized by the assignor will take the assignment even if they arrive later than the late arriving referee

Sanctions for arriving late

  • A referee arriving less than 15 minutes before scheduled kick off is subject to losing half the game's fee
  • A referee arriving after kickoff and if the position is still available and is filled by the referee, is subject to losing the game's fee, i.e., they work the game for free
  • A referee who does not show is classified as a no-show

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