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No Shows

A referee who fails to report for a scheduled assignment is classified as a no-show

A no-show can be with or without notice

If a referee knows they will not make a game

  • The referee should call a member of their crew as soon as they reasonably know they cannot make the game; AND
  • The referee should call the assignor

If a referee misses an assignment(s)

  • The referee should contact the assignor, after the fact, and provide details of the missed assignment
Sanctions for a no-show
  • PWSRA is authorized to deduct a fee for each game missed equal to two times the game pay

No-show are rare and we strive to keep them that way. However, life sometimes happen. Severe illnesses, emergency room visits, auto accidents, and caring for sick family members occasionally get in the way. If at all possible, make the call and the absence could be treated as turn back, But without notification, the official should contact the assignor as soon as reasonably possible and explain the absence.


Policy updated February 14, 2017

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