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The required uniform for PWSRA is a short-sleeve yellow jersey, black referee shorts (not player shorts), the two stripe USSF referee socks, black, or mostly black, shoes, and the badge of the current year. This is simply the one uniform every referee must own. If referees own other authorized color combinations they are free to deviate the basic uniform so long as all referees match.

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The official uniform for referees and assistant referees consists of Shorts, Shirt, Socks, and the Badge of the current year.

SHIRTS: Five different colors are authorized but the gold jersey is the primary color. Your first purchase must consist of a gold (yellow) jersey. If you plan to work for other association/clubs besides PWSRA, check their requirements as well. Some clubs use yellow as a primary color for their teams and require refs to purchase a jersey other than gold. Your secondary color for PWSRA should be green.

Most of our games, except for early spring and late fall, are usually played in warm weather so the short-sleeve jersey is the recommended length. New referees can wear a long-sleeve T or sweat shirt underneath a jersey. Preferred colors for underneath: Same color as the jersey, or if that’s not available, black.

SHORTS: Solid black with pockets. Some associations don’t mind if a ref doesn’t wear referee shorts. We do. No shorts with stripes or piping. You get paid to referee these games. You must spend the money looking professional.

SOCKS: Referee socks -- The two stripe "U.S. Soccer Referee Sock" is the official sock of USSF and of PWSRA.

SHOES: Black or mostly black. Cleats are ok, especially in sloppy conditions but turf shoes are better, especially when refereeing multiple games. 

Where possible, all three referees should wear the same color jerseys. Old colors and new colors may be mixed through 2018 as long as they are from the same color group. Referees must arrive at the field properly dressed with their socks pulled up and their shirt tails tucked in.

Referees must also supply their own whistles, flags, and digital watches.

Referees in their second season or later are expected to have a green jersey as well. Suggested order of purchase by color for PWSRA referees is gold, green, blue, black, then red. This is a suggestion only. Referees who officiate competitive games and tournaments may eventually be expected to have all five colors in both short and long sleeves.

Realistically, most refs could get by looking very pro with a short sleeve yellow, a long sleeve yellow, and a short sleeve green. The other colors will rarely, if ever, be used.

NOTE: In 2016 the USSF introduced DayGlo/Flouorescent uniforms with brighter colors. The older styles, pinstripe and broad stripe, are authorized only through 2018. Referees purchasing new or replacement uniforms should purchase the new version.

UPDATED: February 25, 2018

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