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Turn Backs

TURN BACKS -- Referees are expected to honor their commitment to an accepted assignment. This is especially critical during a tournament weekend. Occasionally there are valid reasons for not being able to honor an assignment, usually involving illnesses. 


If more than 48 hours away - 
Email is acceptable and preferred. The subject line of the email must include the words "Turn Back" (or "Turnback") and the body must include the date, times, and game numbers for the assignments.

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY using a prior email. Create a new email with this subject as this (1) sends it to a special priority mailbox and (2) sends a copy to the assignor's phone.

If less than 48 hours - 
Within 48 hours of an assignment, e.g., Thursday for a Saturday assignment, a referee who needs to turn back an assignment MUST make personal contact with the assignor  Sending an email or leaving a voice message does not constitute notification to the assignor. You must call and talk. It is the only way you know the message was received.

During a tournament I often do not or cannot check email during the weekend. It just doesn't get monitored. If we're within the 48 hour window, please use "the Rule of Scott" and "pick up the phone and CALL."


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