Prince William SRA


Site Coordinators


 Howison Park - 

    •    Saturday: Amirante Francisco

    •    Sunday:  Jonathan Mitchell

    •    Monday: Nichole Choplin


Long Park

    •    Saturday: Chris Reed

    •    Sunday: Amirante Francisco

    •    Monday: Chris Reed (703) 851-7927


Referee Site Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to first match*
  2. Introduce yourself to the PWSI Site Coordinator
  3. Check in referees as they arrive
  4. Call referees who are not at the field 30 minutes prior
  5. Make necessary adjustments to referee crews including
    1. Using standby referee to fill in
    2. Keeping referee past their assignments to fill in
    3. Changing positions or referees for under performing officials
  6. Track any changes to crew
  7. Listen to complaints about referees
  8. Make everybody happy all the time
  9. Keep smiling

*If you cannot report 45 minutes prior then do not accept this role/assignment. You must be earlier than the referees so they check in with you.

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