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Open Games - VDA Showcase
Field - Howison Park
Field - Long Park
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The showcase is now entering its 6th year and has been rebranded as the VDA College Showcase. With several State and Regional Champions attending in the past, this event is beginning to attract the top teams not only in the region but the eastern seaboard.

Apply to Referee – The application to referee is no longer available. Thanks to all who applied.

The games will be on the artificial turf fields at Howison and Long Parks. 

This is a College Showcase Tournament. Assignments will be based on experience leve with priority to State Refs.


02.05 - Schedules are in and I hope to have assignments posted by Wednesday February 8, 2018

02.09 - Actually missed it by a day. Published almost all games with the exception of a few openings on Monday Feb. 19. I am letting the referees reveiw their schedules then will take a new look at this on Saturday Feb. 10. For this tournament priority is given to State Referees (and those upgrading to State). 

02.12 - Taught this past weekend. Sorry. List of Open Games available here.

02.13 - GameOfficials being finicky. Still have a few offers to get out.

02.14 - We had nine games canceled from Monday's schedule. Expect upheavel in assignments. I'm sorry.

02.17 - Hey, it snowed today. If and when I hear anything about tomorrow I will post it here and message all refs. It won't help to contact me and ask me if I heard anything. Seriously, it won't.

02.17 - Part Deux. Howison games will be played as scheduled on Sunday. Games at Long Park will start at 10:00 a.m., play 40 min. halves, with five minute (sharp!) halftime. Schedules will be updated when I receive them. (7:05 p.m.)

02.18 - Scores are to be reported in GameOfficials. That is your record of payment. The Two-stripe USSF Logo sock is the required sock for USSF matches. Pictures have been posted.

02.19 - Kudos to those who braved the raw weather. Pictures posted from today. And last year's gallery is posted as well. Everyone looks the same age but warmer. Need scores in GameOfficials. Public embarrassment will be tomorrow and on Wednesday I will deduct $10 from every referee (not the AR) who I have to call. They will be holding up our pay. Overall - very pleased with this weekend.

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