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Standby Referee Responsibilities

Standby Referee Responsibilities

  1. Arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to first match
  2. Introduce yourself to the Referee Site Coordinator
  3. Be fully dressed and ready to referee should you be needed
  4. If after four hours you are not needed, the Referee Site Coordinator is free to release you for the day
  5. Fees:
    1. A standby referee will be paid $50 if not used as a referee
    2. If used in a morning crew the referee will be paid the greater of $50 or actual referee pay
    3. If needed for an afternoon crew the referee will be paid $50 plus actual referee pay in the afternoon
  6. Assist the Referee Site Coordinator
  7. Keep smiling

Please note: This is a potential all-day commitment. We do not have a morning shift standby and an afternoon shift standby. The standby referee reports and is available in the morning. If they are used as a ref in the morning they receive the referee pay (or $50, whichever is greater). If they referee they are not expected to stay and referee in the afternoon. If they do not referee in the morning they are expected to fill-in if an afternoon referee is missing, which should be known around noon. If the crews are set for the afternoon, the standby ref can leave after refs have checked in.

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