Prince William SRA


DMV Payment Information


Pay Scale and Duration
Age Group Ref/AR Duration
11U-12U $40/$22 60 min.
13U-14U $50/$30 70 min.
15U-19U $60/$35 80 min.
Standby Referee $50 4 hours +

Payment will be done by GOPay (GameOfficials) as quickly as possible after the tournament. The Icebreaker took about four weeks - we are looking to expedite electronic payment from the club sooner than that.

SEPT 12 - I finished reviewing the After Game reports and made crew changes as requested. I have billed the club and now we wait. Sometime in the next 3-4 weeks PWSI will provide me a check and one day later I will upload that to GameOfficials. There will be what I believe is a three-day hold once I upload the funds.

To be paid you must have a valid SSN on file in GameOfficials and must also have signed up for GOPay.

Because I cannot predict when the PWSI payment will arrive I will not answer any questions about that. When it does arrive I will put the information here. But everything I know about payment is and will continue to be here.

Once the check arrives only then I can predict when payment will be made.

Thanks for your help!

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