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Are sweat pants okay?

 A young ref asks "Can we wear sweat pants when it’s cold?"

What are the guidelines for wearing the USSF referee uniform? Gloves? Hats? Sweats?

Due to the nature of the games we officiate and also the referees we train, many questions are raised about keeping warm in cold weather. Let’s address the issue of the jersey first.

A new referee starting out may not have purchased a long-sleeved jersey before the first cold weather. At non-competitive levels, we would accept a long-sleeve undergarmet worn beneath the outer jersey. It should be the same color of the jersey, and if that is not possible, a basic non-contrasting color (black comes to mind). The jersey and badge of the current year should always be visible.
Referees have to maintain the respect of the players. When 10 year old players are playing in shorts the referee should not be bundled up. 



Your question:
If it is in winter and early in the morning and I was Running a Line The center told me he had no problem with me being in Black sweat Pants, But one of the coaches who also referees the FIFA rules say no sweats one ur refreeing a game. Is that true on not

USSF answer (August 26, 2003):
Sweat pants of any color are certainly not part of the referee uniform, but there is no rule against using common sense and dressing to suit the conditions. Of course, that means that any additional equipment, such as sweat pants, should be of an appropriate color and in good taste. Under no circumstances would a referee or assistant referee be able to do this in a higher-level match and certainly not one that was being assessed.



Your question:
I was looking through the "Official Sports" catalogue and was wondering what the policy is on Referee attire during rain and snow storms. 

What about when it is not storming but it is really cold?

USSF answer (January 27, 2005):
Referees should exercise good sense in choosing what to wear during foul weather. If the weather is exceptionally cold or wet, the referee and assistant referees should dress appropriately, in accordance with the level of the game they are refereeing. However, on a high-level game, whether professional or amateur, the refereeing crew should not wear any garb that is not appropriate to a professional appearance. For other, lower-level games, track suits that clearly identify the officials as referees are suitable, together with caps and gloves.

You should remember that the players might not take kindly to a referee whose garb is warmer and/or dryer than what they have to wear on the field (despite our good intentions) so this factor should be taken into account as well. (epmhasis added)

Note: The above is from Jim Allen’s USSF Ask a Referee web site.

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