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Your First Game


The Night Before

  • Pack your bag and lay out your uniform that way you know where everything is tomorrow. You don't want to be rushing around looking for a whistle. (Brady, Nichole)
  • Print your game schedule which has your crew, location, teams, and time. Arrive more than 30 minutes early to find out where the referees meet. (Brady, Nichole)
  • If you are doing multiple games make sure you have LOTS of snacks, because you will get exhausted and starve, then you will wish you had food. (Brady)
  • Get some sleep. (Nichole)

The Day of the Game

  • Eat a healthy breakfast, something that isn't too heavy but will sit well in your stomach (my favorite is oatmeal with a banana) (Katie)
  • Make sure you tell your crew that it’s your first game and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’re all in this together. (Nichole)
  • Stretch before the game or else you’ll be super sore tomorrow. (Nichole)
  • Be early. Show up at least 30 min before kickoff and look professional. Socks up or Socks off. (Nichole)
  • Get to know the other referees on your team! It really helps to discuss how you want to run the game, any doubts you have, and it will make you more comfortable asking them questions you may have. I had a one man game so I talked to the referees on the other field, I got there early so I watched other games and how the referees handled the game, then felt more comfortable starting mine. (Katie)
  • Read over the rules of play for the specific age group again- make sure you know how long the halves are and substitution rules. (Tyler, Katie)
  • Bring plenty of water for the hot days, and wear enough clothes on the cold days (Tyler)
  • Go over a list of everything you need to referee a successful match and make sure you have everything. (Tyler)
  • Be nice and respectful, but assertive when talking to the players and coaches prior to the first whistle. (Tyler)

Contributed by youth referees, Brady Frost, Katie Yates, Nichole Choplin, and Tyler Clegg
February 17, 2017


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