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Your First Season

Having a successful first season is critical in determining whether or not a young ref will return for a second season. My first season, like most of you, began in an effort to earn some money by being involved in a sport that I cared so much about: soccer. I went in unsure of what to expect which is why I have written this article for you.

It was my first game, under 12 girls at Rachel Carson Middle School. I was one of the assistants, an old teammate of mine was the other.


-Expect Younger Assignments-

Mr. Vranus was our middle for the two game set that day. He talked us through a pregame; we put on our uniforms and checked in the teams. I was ready.

-Expect Mentors-

The first game was great. I talked to the rest of my crew about decisions that were made: why was that mechanic used? What was their thought process?

-Expect to ask questions-

I proceeded to talk to Mr. Vranus about his reffing career. I was so interested in all that he had experienced – that’s when he offered me the second center.

-Expect challenges-

I was terrified, but I held my head high, went out on the field and called an amazing game.

-Expect to use confidence-

A few weeks later I experienced for the first time a feisty assistant coach. This particular woman refused to accept that one of her players had to remove the bracelet she was wearing.

-Expect to take charge-

I endured her yelling for the 60 minute game. Afterward I asked the head coach for his assistant’s name. I called my assignor to report the incident. The coach was later removed from the league.

-Expect support-

As the season progressed further, I realized how much I truly loved the officiating aspect of soccer. Through my 5 ½ years of reffing I have met so many people and each one has contributed to my success in some way. Many fellow referees are my best friends.

-Expect camaraderie-

In the end, your first season has the greatest effect on the rest of your reffing career; however at the same time, do not let one setback ruin your love for the game.

-Expect to love it-


Written for PWSRA by Cassie Ferrari, the two-time Virginia Young Female Referee of the Year in 2006 and 2007 and the Region I and National Young Female Referee of the Year in 2008.


Cassie (r) pictured with Ryan White, as VYSA Young Referees of the Year

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