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Youth Referees
Youth referees are an important part of the success of PWSRA. In any given year, approximately 70% of the refs in the state and in PWSRA are youth. We depend on the young referees to provide support to our "U-littles" and most importantly, to return next year. And the next. In short, our young referees are the referees of tomorrow. Within PWSRA we strive to make refereeing a youth-friendly place to work.
Notes to Parents of Youth Referees

Welcome to the world of officiating. This may be your first encounter with refereeing and this may also be the first occasion in which your teenaged (or younger) son or daughter will be treated as an adult. Therefore, we sincerely hope we may gain your support in making this refereeing experience a good experience for your child.
One thing to keep in mind – this is a responsibility which should be taken as seriously as going to school or showing up for work. PWSRA is mindful that a high percentage of our officials are still youth but on the field of play there are only referees –  not youth and adult.
Many good youth referees have failed in this endeavor simply because they have not had the support from their parents. Any assignment that they accept must be with your knowledge and consent because, for the most part, you must provide for or arrange transportation. The referee’s assignment begins 30 minutes before the match at which time they are expected to be at the field.
PWSRA uses an assigning website called For our referees who don’t yet drive, we prefer a parent’s email address, if not the sole email address, that it at least be included so that the parent is informed of our communications. In, the referee's profiles allows for multiple email addresses. Within PWSRA this will be game offers, reminders, and cancellations.

In season we also try to send out a Weekly Message. This too can be sent to multiple addresses as long as you request.

A parent should also know and access the referee’s schedule using the referee’s logon ID (email address) and password.

To help both PWSRA and our youth officials, please keep the following in mind:

  • Help to organize your child’s referee paperwork and schedules. Please read what we disseminate by email.
  • Schedules are important! If your child cannot make an assigned match, it is his/her responsibility to contact the assignor to be removed from the assignment. Within 48 hours that should be a phone CALL - in person.
  • Keep in mind that referees who fail to appear for a scheduled assignment may be disciplined or removed from PWSRA.
  • To be paid, game report forms must be online within 24 hours (unless prior exceptions are granted)
  • The Laws of the Game change annually. However, direction from FIFA and USSF on how to enforce certain provisions often change in mid-season. It is important that each official attend clinics, meetings and feedback sessions. While we stop short of using the word "Mandatory," we give priority assigning to referees who seek to improve by attending meetings.
  • Each official must recertify every year.
  • If you have questions, please ask. PWSRA is designed to help our referees and we can only help if we are aware that assistance is needed.

Here especially, we need your help. If you find out that during a match your child was moved to tears, came home crying, or went to their bedroom to cry, notify someone right away. This is not normal and we will walk through the steps from talking to the referee all the way to filing a complaint with VYSA (we help with those).

Now that your son or daughter is refereeing, you may find that your view of the game may change. As one referee parent stated, "my whole attitude towards referees changed once my son became the person in the middle. It’s a whole different perspective." It certainly is.
Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

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